Wedding Day Essentials - The Touch Up Kit

As part of every makeup application I provide a complimentary touch up kit, so that my clients can stay looking like they did when they left my chair, these are what I consider to be Wedding day - or any big special event - essentials. This is what I include in my Deluxe Touch Up Kit...

Bobbi Pins
To tuck away any strands of hair that start to annoy you during the day.

For that fresh breath feeling (for you, or your new husband).

Helpful for when you're feeling peckish but know that food won't be served for a while.

Lipstick Sample
Because in spite of using great products and techniques, your lipstick may not survive all that well past your first course, I provide a sample of whatever lip colour we've choosen so you can keep kissing, drinking and eating all night long without worry.

Band Aid
You're a few champagnes and songs in on the dance floor, when suddenly you can't ignore the pain on your heel anymore, a little band aid (maybe a panadol), and you're good to go!

If you don't need it, someone else will.

Blotting Paper
Carrying around a full powder compact is a bit cumbersome, instead, get rid of excess shine with some blotting paper.

Drinking Straw
After I've carefully applied your lipstick I hate to see it get messed up straight away by drinking, so at least while you're still getting ready, I suggest you use the straw (besides, you can drink faster that way).

* Deluxe Touch Up Kits are included for Bride's. All other bookings recieve a Standard Touch Up Kit. Standard Touch Up Kits exclude samples, gum and panadol.

- Madeleine